ELUSIVE BLUE ASTON MARTIN DB4 1961 Project by Tudor & Black - Tudor and Black
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1961 Aston Martin DB4 S2 – Chassis No: DB4/361/R


  • Technical Information
  • Engine DOHC Six in-line All –Aluminium
  • Capacity 3670cc
  • Max Power 270bhp @ 5,500rpm
  • Fuel System Triple HD8 SU
  • Transmission 4-Speed Manual
  • Disc Brakes



Purchased In 1960 by Sir Robertson Huntly “Bob” Stewart CBE New Zealand Industrialist. When touring Europe in 1960 Sir Robertson Huntly Stewart purchased a new DB4 and spent the next six months touring Europe in the car before taking it back to New Zealand. The car comes with continues history and documents and letters from the previous owners enquiring about its history, including a copy of the original build sheet.


The car was brought back to England in May 2014. Since then, the car has undergone a full nut and bolt restoration by the team at Tudor & Black where the car was stripped back to bare metal. While the paint work was underway the engine and gearbox were removed from the car and given a full check and overhaul. Fortunately, the engine had received a rebuild prior to coming to us. We proceeded to tune the engine up to a very useable standard prior to removing the engine.


While our paint team set to work on recrafting the beautiful shape to the car, they worked closely with our mechanical team which carefully dismantled nearly every part of the car and organised each component to be restored. Every nut, bolt, washer, screw, and anything of the like was cleaned and replaced where needed before everyone one was re plated in a fine nickel finish. For the other larger components such as the suspension arms, rear axle etc were all painted in a durable gloss black. All the interior pieces were removed and re trimmed by an ex-Aston Martin Works trimmer in the Grey Volmol.


Fast forward to late 2018, our team started the lengthy process of re assembling the DB4. Finished in Aston Martin Elusive Blue which firstly is not an easy colour to lay correctly, but an even harder colour to correct! We very carefully put the engine and its running gear onto the car. Once we had the car running and driving, the car was transported then sent it to the trimmer who replaced all the underlay and carpets, before fitting the rear and front seats ensuring they fitted not correctly, but perfectly to the car.


Once the car was transported back to us by our transport and logistics department, our team started the process of fitting all the final components back that were not needed on the car at the trimmers. After many, many hours the car was ready to go out on its first drive, in which it performed fantastically. The car was then put back onto the ramp and everything was checked, and re checked to ensure that nothing was lose, leaking or rubbing. Which is an essential measure to take when building any car.


Once we were happy the car went back out for its next run, which was far more exciting and less daunting compared to the first drive. The car was carefully navigated through the Suffolk countryside going through the gears ensuring they are correct and operating as expected. Once we were happy with the overall performance of the vehicle it was completely cleaned, polished and waxed ready for sale.



The car was delivered to its new owner in 2020, they then entered the car into Salon Privé Concours. Where the car won best in class I post-war touring, which is no small feat. Which is a true testament to the quality of the work we performed on the car. Not only was the owner ecstatic about their new Aston winning such an award, but we were also just as ecstatic if not more so.


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