1960's Jaguar E-Type Series 1 Limited Edition of 10 Original Body & Engines - Tudor and Black
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About This Project



Get back into this classic of all classics, choose the colour, feel the elegance. Your imagination will urge you to develop your innate creativity, how far will you allow yourself to go? Five speed gearboxes rather than the four, enhanced braking systems and much, much more.

Number one has already been sold to a formula 1 Champion, number two, to keen car enthusiast, friend of number one.


E-Type S1 4.2 OTS (Chassis No.3 of 10 Special Project 10 EX – £325,000

E-Type S1 4.2 FHC RHD No.25 of 4.2 – £145,000

E-Type S1 3.8 FHC RHD – £145,000

E-Type S2 4.2 OTS LHD – £99,000

E-Type SII/2 4.2 OTS RHD (S1 Look) – £135,000

E-Type SIII V12 RHD Manual – £110.00

E-Type SIII V12 FHC RHD Manual – £45,000

E-Type SII/4.2 OTS RHD Same owner 32 years – £110,000

 In the E-Type in 1971, a new 5.3 litre V12 engine appeared with 272 bhp. Top speed was still below the magic 150 mph which had been just achievable with the earliest E-Types, but equally, it was well over 130mph, and it was achieved with great ease and style.



 Power was, however, often allied to glory. The most noteworthy new car in the period arguably came from Jaguar. In 1962 their E-Type sometimes called the XK-E replaced the XK 140, lighter than the XK150, and with 265 bhp helped speed Jaguar to the super car league.

 The E-Type is the car that typified the swinging sixties! Four years in the making the E-Type was finally unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show of March 1961, its gorgeous lines were inspired by the D-Type racer. As a result, the “Series 1” model became the most beautiful Jaguar road car ever, in the eyes of many.

 It had the performance to match its stunning looks and was a genuine 150mph car. Its pace was sensational for the period and it was also considerably cheaper than any other comparable rival. It handled well too, and the sharp steering never failed to impress.

 Having only planned to build 250 cars, Jaguar were shocked by the level of demand, as pop stars, racing drivers and even royalty made it the most fashionable car of its time.

 The first prototype E-Type, designated E1A, had been running in 1957, a further car followed in 1958 and the sports racing E2A, which came closest to the final concept, competed – albeit unsuccessfully – at Le Mans in 1960.

 The innate creativity, the dream of Chief engineer and Chairman, William Heynes and Jaguars aerodynamicist Malcom Sayer, produced a breathtakingly elegant car and a very distinctive body, an outstanding sports car, which looked like no other, and sold for only £2,097.00.

 A dream to creation with great success. The E-Type Jaguar became the most iconic vehicle of the 60s.

 Be behind the wheel of your beloved E-Type, hood down, racing along those country lanes, creating the wind that’s blowing through your hair, the morning sun dancing a light show as it glints through the trees, mesmerising, taking you back to thoughts of your youth, care abandon, “this is pure adrenaline” this isn’t any car, “welcome to the world of Tudor & Black,” the creation is all yours, become an individual, be a member of  the 10 EX Elite. Read on………..

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